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Food and talking about food: the challenge of a rigorous information

EDITORIAL. The high media-exposure due to Expo 2015 increases the level of attention towards food, determining an information overload but also the hunger of scientific data on the issue. Providing journalists, politicians and consumers rigorous information supported by scientific data is one of the greatest challenges faced by  scientists today

Food: even in Italy it is not a right for everyone

RESEARCH. 6.8% of Italian families cannot afford an adequate food consumption to ensure a minimum balanced diet. Over 1.3 million youngsters are poor in terms of nutrition. [This is the result of] the research entitled "Food Poverty, Food Bank," conducted by Giancarlo Rovati and Luca Pesenti, sociologists at UCSC, Milan

Agrisystem, the strenght of interdisciplinarity

RESEARCH. PhD students of Agrisystem doctoral school illustrate in a video why the interdisciplinar approach is
the best for doing research in the agrofood system, for a comprehensive understanding on the different topics, from farm to fork

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The healthy way to produce Salami

RESEARCH. How to reduce the salt content in typical italian meat products? Researchers of CRB of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore created the Microsaluber project, to find ways to reduce the amount of sodium in Cremona Salami production

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Farm animal welfare and its relationship to human health

CONTRIBUTION. By Alan Goldberg
Intensive farm animal production has many negative impacts on environment and on human health, for example by increasing antibiotic resistance. How can this outcome be changed? By changing the density of animals raised together and following the criteria of the EU guidelines

Food and finance, the role of regulation

RESEARCH. In Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore an interdisciplinary research field has started  to give a contribution to find more efficient solutions to support the agro-food economy and limiting possible speculative phenomena. With the aim to suggest efficient policies to the European legislator

CaffExpò, the dialogue for food security

RESEARCH. In the context of Expo 2015 CaffExpò is an initiative born thanks to the cooperation among Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, its students and Research Centers with the aim to promote the collaboration between scientist, managers and representatives of civil society and associations, with discussions and debates related to the main topic “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”

Convivium, the human essence of alimentation

RESEARCH. Humanities, pedagogy, psychology, social sciences, law, economics are bridged to explore the relationship between alimentation, the communitarian way of life, and hospitality. Professor Francesco Botturi illustrates “Through the Convivium. Food and nutrition between Needs and Cultures,” one of the outputs produced by ExpoLAB

Food for Thought: Communicating Agricultural Science


IFAL is a gateway to expertise to inform partners from the public to industry to policy makers. Its primary mission is to promote science-based communication on food and agriculture

Promoting methods for evidence use in scientific assessments

  CONTRIBUTION. The PROMETHEUS project aims at further improving EFSA’s methods for “dealing with data and evidence”, enhancing the quality and the transparency of its scientific assessments. A way to einforce the need for transparency and openness about food safety